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    Changzhou Jinqiu Weaving Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, company is located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province Economic Development Zone, close to 312 national highway, Changzhou airport, railway station, bus station all but dozens, traffic is very convenient. Since its establishment, the company has always been to "high technology and high efficiency, high efficiency and benefit and protect the high - tech" as the goal, take the road of scientific management.
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    There was a lot of work in the labor force.[2016-05-06]

    For farmers and farmers have anti grass cloth really reduced the workload and the grass cloth and the work efficiency is increased a lot of the anti, anti grass cloth as the name suggests is a decrease in the preventing weed once use, dispense with the trouble, and will greatly improve the production efficiency and generate economic benefits. Anti grass could be used in the production of greenhouse cultivation, greenhouse and open field nurseries, pot production site paving, and planted vegetables, cut flowers and flower planting floor (to be planted in the open hole). Anti grass cloth is a special anti ultraviolet treatment, both wear resistant and anti-aging of the black plastic materials by high density woven into the film like ground cover. With its cover, the soil properties and structure can not be destroyed, and the effect of the cement can be achieved. After covering the ground will not grow weeds, production operations, water management is also more convenient. The life span of the anti grass cloth is 8 to 10 years. From the United States imported anti grass Brisbane sales price per square metre less than 6 yuan, which with 10 years of manual weeding costs or other materials processing ground compares, the price can be described as low. Anti grass cloth laying is also very simple, generally to tamp the ground, the whole roll of anti grass cloth according to the direction of the roll flattening, joint spacing in a certain distance, to the underground into a hook and fixed. When the greenhouse is built, it is better to spread the grass and grass cloth first, and then to build the greenhouse. Of course, has been built in the greenhouse can also make up the shop.
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    The advantages of polyethylene polypropylene geotextile waterproofing material[2016-05-06]

    Polypropylene geotextile is a polypropylene geotextile products as raw material, has the characteristics of no ordinary geotextile. Shandong geotechnical cloth manufacturers summed up its specific advantages. 1 make use of its good air permeability and water permeability, so that the water flow through, so as to effectively retain the sand. At the same time, it has a good water conductivity, it can form a drainage channel in the soil, the soil structure of excess liquid and gas efflux. Permeability is high, under the pressure of the soil water, still can maintain good water permeability. 2 mesh is not easy to be blocked, because the amorphous network structure of fibrous tissue formed with strain and movement. To prevent the upper and lower layers of sand, soil and concrete mixed. 3 to enhance the stability of the structure of the building by using the geotechnical cloth to enhance the tensile strength and deformation capacity of the soil, and to improve the quality of the soil. Effectively will focus on the diffusion, transfer or decomposition, to prevent the soil from the role of external damage. 4 corrosion resistance to polypropylene or polyester fiber as raw material, acid and alkali resistance, no corrosion, no moth, antioxidant. Construction is simple, light weight, easy to use.
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    Product performance of horticultural anti grass cloth[2016-05-06]

    Product performance of horticultural anti grass cloth In gardening construction activities, in order to ensure seedling grow healthy and strong, regular shop fortification grass cloth is very necessary, because of the weather and the birds invasion, so the installation of anti grass cloth. So how about the product performance of the anti grass cloth, there are also the installation of the fabric of the construction needs to pay attention to what elements?. 1, plus reinforcement: used for highway, railway, airport, dam, anti dike slope, retaining wall backfill, Po and other rock engineering, dispersion of soil stress increased soil a modulus, limiting soil slip piece, improve stability. 2, protective role: to prevent the embankment by the wind, wave, tide, rain erosion, and for revetment, slope protection, bottom protection, prevent soil erosion. 3, filtrate: Gardening anti grass cloth for dikes, dams, river and rocky shores, slopes, retaining walls of the filter layer, prevent sand through, and allows water or air to pass freely.
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